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Found 29 films with »2016«

Water Path for a Fish

Mercedes Marro 2016 8 Min
It’s a starry night when Oscar sees from his window… …

Goût bacon

Emma Benestan 2016 13 Min
After a rumour started by an ambiguous Snapchat message, two …

L’enfance d’un chef

Antoine de Bary 2016 15 Min
20-year-old Vincent is a successful actor. He is renowned among …

Somebody Else

Laurent King 2016 15 Min
A car valet pretends to be a golden boy to …

The Dijon Story

Mikko Myllylahti 2016 10 Min
Four Finnish hipsters end up in a funky bar in …

It was damp, dark and smelled like wood

Peter Meister 2016 13 Min
The film is about the last 12 minutes before the …

Who Am I?

Wanuri Kahiu and Nick Reding 2016 30 Min
In 2007, the violently disputed general election in Kenya divided …


Florian Schott 2016 102 Min
"Katutura" follows a group of characters experiencing the gravity of …

Treasure Hunt

Takako Miyahira 2016 20 Min
“Wanna know a secret?”. Lan, the new, quiet girl in …

Bosch, the Garden of Dreams

José Luis López-Linares 2016 84 Min
A secret in the midst of a mystery - "Garden …

Zen for Nothing

Werner Penzel 2016 100 Min
"Zen for Nothing" tells of the experiences of Sabine Timoteo …


Maximilian Feldman 2016 51 Min
“Do you want me to tell a story?“, Valentina asks. …

Parmi les sirènes

Marie Jardillier 2016 12 Min
It is decided. Marion, a 30 years old girl, gonna …

Violently Happy

Paola Calvo 2016 92 Min
Paola Calvos' documentary shows the world of BDSM in a …


Hubert Charuel 2016 14 Min
Daniel and his three-legged fox terrier Cajou join Hervé for …

Trash Detective

Maximilian Buck 2016 106 Min
In Matringen, a small Swabian village, everybody knows Uwe, an …

For your own safety

Florian Heinzen-Ziob 2016 15 Min
Jonas works at the hand baggage screening at an airport. …

Le phénomène de Raynaud

Lionel Nakache 2016 13 Min
In a large film set a technician installs the lights. …


Lucas Durkheim 2016 4 Min
A young soldier without experience is sent to a surveillance …


Ella Raetzer 2016 20 Min
For me, music is the medium with which to express …

Je suis gong

Laurie Lassale 2016 20 Min is a fictitious dating site: via webcams placed in …

Girls' War

Mylene Sauloy 2016 52 Min
Hundreds of women come from Paris to Kobani, from Turkish …

Ce qui nous éloigne

Wei Hu 2016 18 Min
An encounter after a long separation. Two families. One child.

Peep and the Paperplane

Christoph Englert 2016 12 Min
While Bird mother Paula is away searching for food, her …

When demons Die

Daniel Rübesam 2016 19 Min
8-year old Joshua has never left his home for dangerous …
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